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The Eye of the Beholder

The Eye of the Beholder Annie Lapin’s astonishing canvases take us deep into nature, society, and human perception itself. By John Dorfman Annie Lapin’s paintings are like portals. Step inside, and you find yourself in a disquieting landscape, unfamiliar and … Continue reading

The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild An exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts draws attention to the influence of the Arctic on Jean Paul Riopelle, Canada’s greatest postwar artist. By John Dorfman The history of the fascination of Surrealist … Continue reading

Abstract’s Second Act

Abstract’s Second Act Feared moribund by the early 1960s, abstract painting continued to be a lively art in the decades that followed, as demonstrated by a wide-ranging exhibition at the Blanton Museum. By John Dorfman Although arguably all art is … Continue reading

Painting al Fresco

Painting al Fresco Never made for sale, plein air oil sketches of the late 18th and early 19th centuries have found an astute and scholarly audience that appreciates their greatness. By Sarah E. Fensom Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote in Emile, his … Continue reading

Free Expression

Ernest Briggs, a California-born New York painter and teacher, charted his own path through abstraction, always exploring and never repeating himself. Featured Images:(Click to Enlarge) The notion of a “second-generation Abstract Expressionist” has entered the vocabulary of art history, but … Continue reading

Back to the Land

In Eric Aho’s paintings, we enter a mysterious and powerful realm of nature. Featured Images:(Click to Enlarge) The search for the sublime in nature, pursued by the Romantics in Northern Europe and the Hudson River School in this country, goes … Continue reading

The Poetics of Everyday Life

John, Richard, and Laurence, ca. 1950

An exhibition devoted to Fairfield Porter’s home in Southampton, N.Y., and the circle of artists and poets who gathered there showcases an atmosphere of inspiration, leisure, and beauty. Featured Images:(Click to Enlarge) In his poem “June 30, 1974,” the poet … Continue reading

Journey of Discovery

As painter, printmaker, and teacher, Leonard Edmondson cultivated the possibilities of abstract modernism. By John Dorfman Featured Images:(Click to Enlarge) “My painting is not art of rebellion but one of discovery and sharing. I have found satisfaction in the spontaneous, … Continue reading

Exploded Views

In her wildly energetic paintings, Jackie Saccoccio channels the sublimity of Old Masters and the chaos of 21st-century life. By John Dorfman Featured Images:(Click to Enlarge) In the art of Jackie Saccoccio, it’s as if the souls of the Baroque … Continue reading

Fighting On

Jacob Lawrence, ... for freedom we want and will have, for we have served this cruel land long enuff ... —a Georgia slave, 1810, Panel 27, 1956

Jacob Lawrence’s great lost Struggle series is finally reunited and exhibited—and it couldn’t come at a more appropriate time. Continue reading