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Fighting On

Jacob Lawrence, ... for freedom we want and will have, for we have served this cruel land long enuff ... —a Georgia slave, 1810, Panel 27, 1956

Jacob Lawrence’s great lost Struggle series is finally reunited and exhibited—and it couldn’t come at a more appropriate time. Continue reading

Form and Feeling

Will Barnet, Father and Parrot, 1948

Will Barnet’s paintings and prints, whether figurative or abstract, conjure strong emotions from an equally strong underpinning of spatial structure. Continue reading

Woman of Valor

Artemisia Gentileschi excelled as a painter in Baroque Europe, representing women of history and myth with virtuosic skill and sensitivity, but her path wasn’t without difficulty. Continue reading

Meet the Master

Anonymous (Southern Low Countries), after Jan van Eyck, The Triptych of Petrus Wyts

The biggest exhibition of Jan van Eyck’s work that ever was or will be is now on view in the Northern Renaissance master’s hometown of Ghent, Belgium. Continue reading