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Features From Previous Issues

Making Waves

James E. Buttersworth, Clipper Ship Black Warrior, circa 1853

Marine painting enshrines the love of ships and the sea, and in the best examples one can almost feel the salt spray and hear the snap of the sails. Continue reading

Into The Woods

Inside the Kröller-Müller Museum, deep in the Dutch countryside, lies one of the world’s great Van Gogh collections, and behind it lies one of the great stories of 20th-century collecting. Continue reading

Talking Pictures: A Life in Letters

Vincent van Gogh’s letters have offered the general public an intimate view of the artist’s life and psyche since at least 1893, when the French painter Émile Bernard published a selection of items that he had received from Van Gogh in the Mercure de France. This was just three years after the troubled Dutchman’s death by suicide at the age of 37, during a period when the name Van Gogh was little known beyond a small community of avant-garde artists. Continue reading

Exhibitions: Bright Forecast

In 1926, the year of his death, Claude Monet wrote, “The only merit I have is to have painted directly from nature with the aim of conveying my impressions in front of the most fugitive effects.” The Impressionists were indebted to a long tradition of artists who went beyond the studio walls to sketch and paint outdoors. Continue reading