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Features From Previous Issues

Into the Mystic

Jean Delville, The Death of Orpheus

The Salon de la Rose+Croix, a magical, mystical proto-modernist art event of the 1890s, is recreated in an eye-opening show at the Guggenheim. Continue reading

Honoré Sharrer: Rara Avis

Honoré Sharrer, Mother Goose

Honoré Sharrer’s paintings, which are at once enchanting, humorous, and political, take center stage in a touring exhibition. Featured Images:(Click to Enlarge) At a relatively young age, the painter Honoré Sharrer was embraced by the art world. She won a … Continue reading

A New Model

Pablo Picasso, The Women of Algiers (after Delacroix), 1954

An innovative exhibition charts the path by which Picasso transformed the age-old relationship between artist and model. Continue reading