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Writ in Water

Thomas Girtin, Durham Cathedral and Castle.

Before there was photography there was watercolor, a demanding medium that British artists mastered while documenting life and landscape at home and abroad. Featured Images: (Click to Enlarge) The most portable of paints created centuries of enduring views. Since the … Continue reading


Beneath the surface of a medieval manuscript, conservators have discovered lost texts and diagrams by Archimedes, showing how far ahead of his time the ancient scientist was. Continue reading

Talking Pictures: Grace and Beauty

Architectural historian Judith Dupré is the author of Skyscrapers (1996), Bridges (1997) and the New York Times bestseller Churches (2001). Her latest book, Full of Grace: Encountering Mary in Faith, Life & Art (Random House, $40), represents a new departure in her work. Divided into 59 brief chapters, each representing a bead of the traditional Marian rosary, this amply illustrated volume explores the Virgin Mary’s place in the Bible, in history, in theology and in the wider culture. Speaking with Art & Antiques, Dupré discusses her multifaceted approach to this pivotal Christian figure. Continue reading